Improving information flow in power management:
Transitioning from 2D to 3D manuals.


Switchgear, fuse boxes of large facilities, can have more than 20 000 Volts flowing through them. As such, they constitute a challenging environment, both technical and hazardous. A global power management company hired my team to help facilitate the transmission of complex knowledge and data amongst switchgear experts and customers.

Over the Spring, we conducted 17 interviews and gathered insights from the field that we structured thanks to an affinity diagram of 700 notes. From these findings, we created a set of visions and narrowed our scope to three concepts based on user validation.

I am now creating prototypes meant to rethink devices manuals, currently too lengthy and overwhelming. I am creating an interactive 3D Manual in Unity, allowing for a more direct access to information without having to go through extensive verbose.